[FieldTrip] Can Fieldtrip do FP alignment (timing correction) of Plexon System?

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Hi Ye Liu,

Perhaps I am missing something, but if the timing delays have been corrected by the FPalign software, and Chronux has been used for the further analysis, I don’t understand well why FieldTrip should do the FP alignment. Once the data has been FP aligned, and you manage to import the corrected data into matlab, you can use either Chronux of FieldTrip for further processing.

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Dear Contributors,

I am using Plexon system to do recordings in animals. Our plexon system is old and record analog signals, thus, there is a problem of "filter-induced phase shifts (frequency-dependent timing delays) which can be induced by the analog and digital filters used in Plexon neural data acquisition systems" (refered from plexon website).

We were using FPalign software (produced by Plexon) to correct FP timing delays, and using Chronux toolbox to do the further analysis. Recently, we are trying to switch to use fieldtrip to analysis from the raw plexon files. Can fieldtrip do the same FP timing correction? If yes, how to do that?

PS. The FPalign software can correct the delay caused by the headstage filter and Preamp filter, seperately. The Preamp configuration contains bandpass filter type(lowpass/highpass), filter type (Butterworth/Bessel/Elliptic), pole number, and frequency.

Thank you!

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