[FieldTrip] Standard 10-20 system = 10-10 system?

Laura Colomar Mollá lcolomar at ucm.es
Fri Apr 22 09:25:43 CEST 2022

Dear Fieltrip community,

I am using the function ‘ft_channelrepair’ to interpolate bad channels, and
I am not sure about which template to use in the ‘cfg.elec’ field.* I am
using the Enobio 20 cap, which follows a 10-10 system. I was wondering if
would it be correct to use the ‘standard_1020.elec’ template,* included in
Fieldtrip. From what I understand, the ‘standard 1020 system’ is the same
as the '10-10 system’ (and different from the 'original 10-20 system' which
would only include 21 electrode positions), is that correct?

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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