[FieldTrip] Braincredible EEG solutions for academia

cecilia.mazzetti@braincredible.ch 1 cecilia.mazzetti at braincredible.ch
Thu Apr 21 10:25:47 CEST 2022

Dear fieldtrippers,
I am inviting you to check out this website:
Braincredible is a new startup spinoff of ANT Neuro, which offers neuroscience as a service to universities and industries. In particular, for university, it provides flexible rental schemes of multiple and diverse EEG systems for big EEG data collection. This allows to maximize data collection by optimizing cost in terms of time and money, and paying only for as long as the systems are needed.
Feel free to reach out for more informations and personalized assistance at info at braincredible.ch

Dr. Cecilia Mazzetti
Business developer


Braincredible SA
Rue de l’industrie 23
1950, Sion
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