[FieldTrip] One - way within subjects ANOVA in cluster based permutation test

Trisia Cinca Tomás trisia.cinca.tomas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 12:37:29 CEST 2021

Hello, I run a one-way within-subjects ANOVA with 4 conditions (Self, High,
Mid and Low) in a cluster based permutation test.
To do so this was my code:


*load layoutload neighbourscfg = [];cfg.parameter        =
'avg';cfg.latency          = [0 0.5];cfg.method           =
'montecarlo';cfg.statistic        = 'depsamplesT';cfg.correctm         =
'cluster';cfg.clusteralpha     = 0.05;cfg.clusterstatistic =
'maxsum';cfg.minnbchan        = 2;cfg.tail             = 0;cfg.clustertail
     = 0;cfg.alpha            = 0.05;cfg.numrandomization =
10000;cfg.correcttail = 'prob';cfg.layout = layout;cfg.neighbours =
neighbours;load Selfload Highload Midload
Lowcfg.statistic='depsamplesFmultivariate';subj = 2*length(subarray);design
= zeros(2,4*subj);for i = 1:subj    design(1,i) = i;endfor i = 1:subj
design(1,subj+i)=i;endfor i = 1:subj    design(1,subj*2+i)=i;endfor i =
1:subj    design(1,subj*3+i)=i;enddesign(2,1:subj)=1;
design(2,subj+1:2*subj)=2; design(2,2*subj+1:3*subj)=3;
design(2,3*subj+1:4*subj)=4;cfg.design = design;cfg.ivar=2;
Self{:}, High{:}, Mid{:}, Low{:});save ([indir 'ERP_oneway_condition.mat'],

When I was running my code I get the following message:
"*total number of variables = 2*
*number of independent variables = 1*
*number of unit variables = 1*
*number of within-cell variables = 0*
*number of control variables = 0*"

My question is: Is it normal that when doing a within-subjects anova the
number of within-cell variables is 0? Is this correct?

Thanks for any input!

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