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philip Joadavi p.joadavi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 18:28:38 CEST 2021

Hi all,

I would like to use AMICA (an ICA algorithm ) on my data. Unfortunatelly,
FieldTrip doe not support AMICA (as far as I know ) and I would like to use
EEGLAB for that.

I'm using fieldtrip2eeglab function to convert my data to EEGLAB, however,
I get multiple errors.

my fieldtrip data is a structure with :

struct with fields:

           hdr: [1×1 struct]
         trial: {[163×85724 double]}
       fsample: 2048
    sampleinfo: [1 85724]
          time: {[1×85724 double]}
         label: {163×1 cell}
          elec: [1×1 struct]

I used the function as => fieldtrip2eeglab(data{1, 1}.hdr , data{1, 1} )
and tried also fieldtrip2eeglab(data{1, 1}.hdr , data{1, 1}.trial )
I get an error
Reference to non-existent field 'Fs'.
Error in pop_fileio (line 199)
EEG.srate           = dat.Fs;

I would appreciate if you can help me with that.

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