[FieldTrip] TFR : Common baseline for variable trial length

Amine JALAL amine.jalal11 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 12:13:13 CET 2020

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I'm working on EEG data and I'm trying to perform a time-frequency
analysis. Since my data is continuous, I segmented it according to triggers
that define the trials (with variable length), so my data is composed by
the trials and two long segments at the beginning of the experiment
(resting state) and at the end.
My aim is to perform a baseline correction to the trials in TFR by taking
the baseline from the "resting state" segment.
I have been looking for the solution in the tutorials and mailing list, but
I didn't get to move forward.

I would be very grateful by any help or advice.
Thank you in advance.


*   Amine JALAL*
MD - Medical imaging & Instrumentation
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