[FieldTrip] MEX file error (Sendy Caffarra)

Sendy Caffarra s.caffarra at bcbl.eu
Wed Feb 5 16:49:31 CET 2020

Thank you Craig,

I could fix it by updating Catalina, Xcode and allowing all Apps in the Security panel.


Sendy Caffarra
BCBL Staff Scientist & Stanford Visiting Scholar

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Hi Sendy,

This appears to arise due to a ‘feature’ of the new MacOS, as the try to turn our PCs into iPhones... Catalina is applying very deep security, so since it doesn’t ‘know’ this mex, i.e. it hasn’t been notarized by Apple, the OS will not allow the access to libraries, etc. that it needs, hence the problem. See the attached discussion of the issue. Towards the bottom, it is suggested that with the current Catalina release, authorization may be given manually. If anybody knows how to do this, perhaps this is the workaround, or otherwise I suppose some submission will need to be made to Apple, i.e. got through the notarization process. As a rule-of-thumb, I try to stay an OS or two behind the current Apple release since they seem to becoming increasingly damaging with their updates.




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