[FieldTrip] 2 x 2 with Two Between Subjects- ANOVA

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Dear Paul,

I think just using the 2-way ANOVA is enough.
I'm not familiar with this non-parameter test, but ANOVA is robust, even
the assumption of distribution is not fitted perfactly
Once you do the 2-way ANOVA, you will get the main effect and interaction,
if the interaction is significant, you could see the simple effect in
different level. So why are you want to know "some but not for all"
interaction effects ?

All best

Paul Dhami <pdhami06 at gmail.com> 于2019年7月11日周四 上午7:45写道:

> Dear Fieldtrip community,
> I have 4 groups of participants that fall into one of four
> categories/factors:
> Clinical/Young, Clinical/Old, Healthy/Young, Healthy/Old.
> I was hoping to test an interaction in a 2-way ANOVA design, with Age
> group and Clinical group as my two factors.
> Reading this link:
> http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/faq/how_can_i_test_an_interaction_effect_using_cluster-based_permutation_tests/
> In the first paragraph:
> You can use cluster-based permutation tests for some but not for all
>> interaction effects. Specifically, you can only use them for testing
>> interaction effects in factorial designs with only a single
>> between-subjects factor
> Based on the second sentence of only being possible when there is a single
> between-subjects factor, is it safe to say that in my design, I wouldn't be
> able to use cluster-based permutation tests?
> What would be the best way to analyze such as design than with
> cluster-based permutation tests? Would it be just a one-way ANOVA with the
> independsamplesF function?
> Thank you,
> Paul
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