[FieldTrip] 2 x 2 with Two Between Subjects- ANOVA

Paul Dhami pdhami06 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 01:28:21 CEST 2019

Dear Fieldtrip community,

I have 4 groups of participants that fall into one of four

Clinical/Young, Clinical/Old, Healthy/Young, Healthy/Old.

I was hoping to test an interaction in a 2-way ANOVA design, with Age group
and Clinical group as my two factors.

Reading this link:

In the first paragraph:

You can use cluster-based permutation tests for some but not for all
> interaction effects. Specifically, you can only use them for testing
> interaction effects in factorial designs with only a single
> between-subjects factor

Based on the second sentence of only being possible when there is a single
between-subjects factor, is it safe to say that in my design, I wouldn't be
able to use cluster-based permutation tests?

What would be the best way to analyze such as design than with
cluster-based permutation tests? Would it be just a one-way ANOVA with the
independsamplesF function?

Thank you,
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