[FieldTrip] Concerning powcorr_orth method in ft_connectivityanalysis

SEAN TANABE stanabe at wisc.edu
Wed Nov 14 21:26:33 CET 2018

Dear all,

I am trying to use the powcorr_orth method in ft_connectivityanalysis and noticed the results always produce a random connectivity pattern. A similar issue has been raised a year ago here;


I found after editing a line from ft_connectivityanalysis the results look more reasonable, and wanted to confirm if this editing is correct with the fieldtrip developers.
In fieldtrip-20170820 ft_connectivityanalysis I noticed a line which reshapes the fourierspctrm before inputting to ft_connectivity_powcorr_orth (line 852 in fieldtrip-20181113).

        dat = reshape(data.fourierspctrm(:,:,i)', nrpttap, nchan).';
        datout{i} = ft_connectivity_powcorr_ortho(dat, optarg{:});

This seems to not fit the description of ft_connectivity_powcorr_orth, which requires "dat" to have nchan rows.
I changed this to

        dat       = data.fourierspctrm(:,:,i)';
        datout{i} = ft_connectivity_powcorr_ortho(dat, optarg{:});

The above gave natural looking blobs of connectivity in the topology.

Thank you.

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