[FieldTrip] apply filter after ft-artefactreject

cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de
Wed May 3 07:37:44 CEST 2017

Dear fieldtrip users, 

In the pre-processing, we applied a filter for the 50Hz noise (and harmonics) caused by the power supply in our MEG data. 
During ICA for EOG and ECG correction we noticed in some participants a 50Hz component. 
That is why we want to apply a bsfilter after ICA correction once more (different filter used the dft filter before). 
Our idea was to run ft_pre-processing on the cleaned ICA data. However, after running the ft-artefactreject you get an structure and ft_preprocessing doesn’t work with structures as input. 
An idea about how we could do this is appreciated. 


Dr. Conny Quaedflieg 
Hamburg University 

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