[FieldTrip] Post-doctoral position in volition and self-initiated action (MEG / EEG)

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Tue May 2 19:41:22 CEST 2017

Interdisciplinary post-doctoral position in cognitive neuroscience (MEG /
Brain-behavior forecasting: Neural antecedents of spontaneous
self-initiated movement and the forecasting of behavior based on brain
activity, studied with MEG / EEG
Starting date: Fall 2017 or Spring 2018
Duration: 2 years (renewable for one additional year)

The French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) invites
applications for a post-doctoral position in the Cognitive Neuroimaging
Group, at the NeuroSpin Research Center near Paris, France, as part of the
research team of Dr. Aaron Schurger. The Schurger lab focuses on
understanding how decisions are made and actions initiated spontaneously,
without an external sensory cue, and how time series of neural activity can
be used to forecast behavior. We pursue this research using a combination
of behavioral experiments, neuroimaging, computational modeling,
time-series analyses, and machine learning techniques.

We are looking for applicants with experience in magnetoencephalography
(MEG) experimentation and data analysis, including inverse source
estimation. Experience with electroencephalography (EEG) is desirable.
Applicants should have obtained a PhD in a relevant discipline prior to the
starting date, have a solid working knowledge of cognitive neuroscience,
and should have strong skills in the following areas:

computer programming (MatLab, Python, C, C++),
signal processing,
FieldTrip or comparable data analysis tool

Additionally, prior experience in any of the following areas is desirable:

computational, mathematical, and/or neural network modeling,
statistical learning / machine learning / mutivariate pattern
time series analysis,
dynamical systems theory,
scale-free dynamics,
behavioral psychophysics

Resources available at NeuroSpin include Siemens 3T and 7T MRI scanners;
high-density EEG (EGI Inc.); Elekta NeuroMag 306-channel MEG (allowing for
the simultaneous recording of EEG); eye tracking (available for MRI, MEG,
and behavioral experiments); an in-house team of experts in signal
processing and statistical learning; a dedicated staff handling subject
recruitment, scheduling, and payment; various Nespresso devices; and
proximity to Paris.

Applicants should send a CV, letter of motivation (max 2 pages), and a list
of three references via e-mail to schurgerlab at gmail.com. Review of
applicants will begin on 15 May 2017, and will continue until the position
is filled.

The NeuroSpin Research Center is located on the campus of the CEA-Saclay,
near Orsay, about 18 km southwest of Paris. For more information on the
NeuroSpin Research Center and the Cognitive Neuroimaging Group:

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