[FieldTrip] extracting spikes from new

Suzanne van der Veldt suzannevdveldt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 22:55:44 CET 2017

Hello all,

Sorry to trouble you. I am excited to get starting with using FieldTrip for my data analysis, using in vivo ephys data recorded with plexon. I have my sorted spikes in .nex format. Unfortunately, field trip does not seem to be able to import my data. 

>> [rec1] = ft_read_spike('test', 'plexon_nex', '/Users/username/Documents/export’)
Error using ft_read_spike (line 276)
unsupported data format (unknown

The .nex file is a regular file. I am running Matlab R2015b from Mac OSx Sierra 10.12.2. 

I hope someone might be able to give me a hint of what might be the problem. 

Kind regards,
Suzanne van der Veldt 

PhD student McGill & Université de Bordeaux

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