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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to contribute to Frontiers in Neuroscience Special Research Topic "From raw MEG/EEG to publication: how to perform MEG/EEG group analysis with free academic software". The idea is to create a collection of well-described group analyses of EEG and MEG data that can be fully reproduced by anyone and ported by researchers to their own data. Furthermore, as the analyses will be endorsed by peer review, any analysis choices will be citeable in future publications. This will hopefully contribute to wider adoption of good practices by the MEG/EEG research community.

For you this is an opportunity to create the ultimate reference for those exciting analyses in your papers that everyone keeps asking you about and increase the impact of the methods you developed on the work of others. Furthermore, by investing some time and effort now into preparing your paper, you can save yourself much more time and efforts in the future by using this resource to train junior researchers in your group and those of your collaborators.

We are sorry for the long list of requirements for prospective submissions but these are necessary to ensure that your papers are really useful for other researchers and will remain useful for at least the next decade. The requirements should be straightforward to comply with.

Finally, we know that the 'Frontiers' brand has attracted some criticism due to their controversial promotion and marketing techniques. However, at present Frontiers and particularly the section on Brain Imaging Methods  seems to be the most convenient platform for this project and they are able to provide adequate technical and administrative support for all its stages. As the topic editors we will do everything possible to ensure professional and transparent review for all submissions.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

With best wishes,

The topic editors:

Arnaud Delorme
Alexandre Gramfort
Vladimir Litvak
Sri Nagarajan
Robert Oostenveld
Francois Tadel

Please find more information about Research Topics below, including the publishing fees that apply. You can also visit the homepage we have created on the Frontiers website, which defines the focus of the topic, and where all published articles will appear.

http://frontiersin.org/Brain_Imaging_Methods/researchtopics/From_raw_MEG_EEG_to_publication_how_to_perform_MEG_EEG_group_analysis_with_free_academic_software_/5158 <http://frontiersin.org/Brain_Imaging_Methods/researchtopics/From_raw_MEG_EEG_to_publication_how_to_perform_MEG_EEG_group_analysis_with_free_academic_software_/5158>

Please note the submission deadline for this Research Topic: Oct 01, 2017


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Frontiers will also compile an e-book, as soon as all contributing articles are published, that can be used as educational material, be sent to foundations that fund your research, to journalists and press agencies, or to your professional network. E-books are free to read and download.

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