[FieldTrip] problems in emotiv fieldtrip and matlab

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Tue Nov 29 08:50:00 CET 2016

Dear Gao,

it seems to me that in your step 9 the emotiv2ft did not actually start properly. It prints a help message out on screen, which I think it would only do if it did could not make sense of the command line options. If you specified verbatim "emotiv2ft <config-file> [hostname=localhost [port=1972 [ctrlPort=8000]]]” then it would indeed not work. You should specify the right options in the brackets. The square [] brackets are optional, the <> brackets are required. So you should at least specify the configuration file. The defaults for the last three options (localhost, 1972 and 8000) should be ok, since you started the buffer in step 6 on the localhost with the default port (which is 1972).

best regards,


> On 29 Nov 2016, at 04:36, gao nuo <nancygao260 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir:
>     I want to import Emotiv headset data to matlab. I found that Fieldtrip can do this.  But I failed.
> What I did is :
> 1.  my matlab is matlab R2014a,
> 2,download the fieldtrip 20161108;
> 3. add all the files to the matlab path;
> 4. installed MinGW and set the path of the /bin in environmental variables;
> 5, turn on the emotiv headset, in the emotiv testbench, I can see the EEG signals.
> 6. run buffer.exe.
> 7 . run cmd.exe;
> 8. go to fieldtrip-20161108/realtime/bin/win32;
> 9. input the command line: 
> emotiv2ft <config-file> [hostname=localhost [port=1972 [ctrlPort=8000]]]
> the response is:
> passing hostname by a minus (-) tells the software to spawn its own buffer server on the given port
> 10. run viewer.exe, push connect botton. but no response.
> I don't know what the problems is, and how can I connect the emotiv headset with the fieldtrip buffer.
> thanks for your reading and look forward to the suggestions.
> best wishes.
> Gao Nuo 
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