[FieldTrip] Fw: problems in emotiv fieldtrip and matlab

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Subject: [FieldTrip] problems in emotiv fieldtrip and matlab

Dear Sir:

    I want to import Emotiv headset data to matlab. I found that Fieldtrip can do this.  But I failed.

What I did is :

1.  my matlab is matlab R2014a,

2,download the fieldtrip 20161108;

3. add all the files to the matlab path;

4. installed MinGW and set the path of the /bin in environmental variables;

5, turn on the emotiv headset, in the emotiv testbench, I can see the EEG signals.

6. run buffer.exe.

7 . run cmd.exe;

8. go to fieldtrip-20161108/realtime/bin/win32;

9. input the command line:

emotiv2ft <config-file> [hostname=localhost [port=1972 [ctrlPort=8000]]]

the response is:
passing hostname by a minus (-) tells the software to spawn its own buffer server on the given port

10. run viewer.exe, push connect botton. but no response.

I don't know what the problems is, and how can I connect the emotiv headset with the fieldtrip buffer.

thanks for your reading and look forward to the suggestions.

best wishes.

Gao Nuo

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