[FieldTrip] issues compiling matlab code that calls spm and runs a beamformer analysis

Paul Metzak pmetzak at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 23:01:02 CEST 2016


I solved my own problem so I thought I would reply in case someone else
runs into this issue.

The problem is that when SPM (or SPM functions) are compiled, they search
for a file called Contents.txt in the compiled spm directory; however, this
file is not created when only some of the SPM functions are compiled
through FieldTrip. Contents.txt is a copy of the Contents.m file found in
SPM directories, so the solution was to copy Contents.m, rename it
Contents.txt and to place this file in the compiled SPM directory. Note
that for me at least, the compiled directories do not appear until the
compiled code is run for the first time.

I hope that saves someone some time one day!

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