[FieldTrip] issues compiling matlab code that calls spm and runs a beamformer analysis

Paul Metzak pmetzak at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 02:08:46 CEST 2016


I have been attempting to use the MATLAB compile to compile my code and run
it on my university's supercomputer. However, I am running into an issue
when trying to volume normalise the beamformed images I have created.

>From the error messages (see below), the issue arises from an inability to
obtain SPM Revision information. I am using SPM8 and it is on my MATLAB
path so I am unclear how to avoid this error, or whether it relates to: 1)
an issue with my code, 2) what I have on/the order of my MATLAB path, or
with the interface between MATLAB/SPM/FieldTrip. If anyone could suggest a
workaround, or something that may help me to avoid this error I would be
most appreciative.

Note: I read that SPM uses a Contents.m file to indicate Revision number
and that this file becomes Contents.txt when SPM is compiled to a
standalone version but including this file on my MATLAB path both .,m and
.txt versions) did not resolve the error. I am very new to compiling so it
is possible that I did not do this correctly (if this matters at all).

Thanks for any help you can offer, and let me know if any further
information would be helpful to diagnose the problem.


Converting the coordinate system from ctf to spm
> Error using spm>spm_version (line 1269)
> Can't obtain SPM Revision information.
> Error in spm (line 875)
> Error in align_ctf2spm (line 121)
> Error in ft_convert_coordsys (line 95)
> Error in ft_volumenormalise (line 121)
> Error in mmcc_beamform_param_twenty3_c2 (line 269)
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