[FieldTrip] topoplotTFR 2 Channels Not Showing

KAIJIE ZHANG zhangk28 at mcmaster.ca
Tue Jun 21 20:55:54 CEST 2016

Hi Community,

My name is Kaijie Zhang, and I am working with near infrared spectroscopy
to analyze functional connectivity in the brain. Everything related to this
issue is in a dropbox .zip file via the link here:

First, layoutFieldTrip (self-written script) was used to set up the layout
for topoplotTFR. I have successfully used ft_freqanalysis to calculate the
coherence for my data. This was done in the function
magnitudeSquaredCoherence (self-written). topoplotTFR was then invoked in
the last segment of magnitudeSquaredCoherence. The image produced is shown
in the .jpeg file named "topoplotTFR Channel Issue", in the zip file.

Everything seems to be correct, except for the fact that two channels are
missing, in particular channels 23 and 24 in the left posterior side (all
46 channels should produce a symmetrical figure). I am not sure for the
cause of this because no errors are produced, and I have labeled everything
correctly in layout, as well as their positions.

The cfg and data I used for topoplotTFR are displayed as follows:
cfg =
            layout: [1x1 struct]
        refchannel: 'Ch1'
          baseline: 'no'
              xlim: 'maxmin'
              zlim: 'maxmin'
              ylim: 'maxmin'
            marker: 'labels'
             style: 'both'
           shading: 'interp'
           comment: 'no'
          colorbar: 'EastOutside'
    directionality: 'outflow'

data =
        label: {46x1 cell}
       dimord: 'rpt_chan_freq'
         freq: [1x19 double]
    powspctrm: [5x46x19 double]
     labelcmb: {2116x2 cell}
    crsspctrm: [5x2116x19 double]
    cumsumcnt: [304 301 303 301 3002]
    cumtapcnt: [5x1 double]
          cfg: [1x1 struct]

My raw data and self-written MATLAB codes are also attached in the zip
file. They can be run after extracting. (Make sure to cd to the correct
folder containing all the extracted files!).

Thank you very much for any input!

Best Regards,
Kaijie Zhang

Kaijie Zhang
Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, Level III
McMaster University
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