[FieldTrip] Decreased coherence at 60Hz?

Herbert J Gould (hgould) hgould at memphis.edu
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Using a steeply notched filter will distort your waveforms  this looks like you might have had a significant impedance mismatch on several of your electrodes.

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Hi Daria,

As far as I know, signal power influences coherence measures. So, in your case, it might be that you have relatively large power and/or SNR differences between your electrodes, that might underlie your results. You might consider using a notch filter to filter the 60 Hz signal out, or stratifying your trials to compensate for SNR differences.

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Subject: [FieldTrip] Decreased coherence at 60Hz?

Hi all,

Using FieldTrip, I created bipolar montages on each hemisphere and then calculated the coherence between those. I am getting an odd result and seeing a decrease in coherence at 60Hz for some of my runs. My understanding is that 60 cycle noise should be picked up by every electrode and would therefore have high coherence values across the board. Would anyone have a suggestions as to what could be causing this? I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
Thank you,
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