[FieldTrip] BrainProducts Easycap layout

Herring, J.D. (Jim) j.herring at fcdonders.ru.nl
Wed Jan 22 16:43:19 CET 2014

Dear Hweeling,

First of all you should rename the file to 128Channel.txt, if you use the
.sfp extension Fieldtrip will recognize it as a different filetype.

Furthermore, I just noticed that there is a bug in ft_read_sens. It tries
to convert the channel label to a double, which is of course not possible
and not wanted in case of channel labels.

The bug will be fixed a.s.a.p. so you should be able to download the
updated version by tomorrow, if I am not mistaken.



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Dear all,

Thanks for the suggestions. For Jörn, I checked the
Fieldtrip/template/layout, but none of them fits my data. I tried the
suggestion from Herring, however, I keep getting an error message:

Error using ft_convert_units (line 121)

cannot determine geometrical units

Error in ft_datatype_sens (line 189)

      sens = ft_convert_units(sens);

Error in ft_read_sens (line 331)

sens = ft_datatype_sens(sens);

 I had my data in a text format previously, and it didn't work either. So
I'm not sure what to do!

I've attached my file in this email, the values are gotten from the pdf
info from Easycap regarding the theta/phi coordinates for each site.




On 22 January 2014 16:00, Herring, J.D. (Jim) <j.herring at fcdonders.ru.nl>

Hi Hweeling,

If you create a text-file that has three columns: Label, Theta, and Phi
coordinate, you can use elec = ft_read_sens(filename) to read the layout
into a fieldtrip useable elec structure.

The first line of the text file has to be:

Site Theta Phi

You can also have a look at easycap-M1.txt and easycap-M10.txt in the
fieldtrip/template/electrode folder for an example of how the text-file
should look like.

The theta and phi coordinates will be converted to 3d coordinates assuming
a head-radius of 85mm (by default, you can specify this)



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Subject: [FieldTrip] BrainProducts Easycap layout

Dear all,

I would like to know if anyone has the layout for 128 EEG channels for
BrainProduct easycap.

I have the information of the theta/phi coordinates for each of the
channels, but I'm not sure how to use these values to create the layout in

It'll be great if someone can help me on this!


Best regards,



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