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Dear Julian,

At UCSF, we were unable to use a Polhemus (an older model, not sure which) in the shielded room of the MEG, so we performed the digitization just outside the room before moving the subject inside. Perhaps if you have a nicely shielded EEG booth you have the same problem...


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> Dear FieldTrip-Users,
> I have a not really FieldTrip-related question, but maybe one of you can help me anyways.
> In our lab, we have a Polhemus Patriot 3D tracking system to acquire electrode positions.
> Unfortunately, the recordings are severely distorted in the Z-axis (up-down).
> After contacting the Polhemus Support, I got the information, that this is due to metal in the surroundings of the source which distorts the magnetic field.
> I tried to get as far away from any metal as possible in our lab (~1.5 m to the walls and floor) but to no avail.
> Now to my question: Has anyone any experience dealing with this? I'm quite puzzled by this as I know plenty of labs use Polhemus trackers, and I'm not sure if our lab is especially metal prone or if I'm missing something.
> Thanks a lot for any help.
> Julian
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