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Dear Marcin,



The statfun_depsamplesregrT calculates a T-statistic for regression
coefficients that are calculated within each of the units-of-observation
(typically, participants) obtained by regressing the subject-specific data
(spatiotemporal, spatio-spectral, spatio-spectro-temporal) on some
predictor variable that varies over the different conditions in which this
participant has provided data (e.g., working-memory load, retention
interval, luminance, contrast, etc). If you doubt the assumed linear
relation between predictor variable and biological data, then you could
write your own statfun_depsamplesrankcorr. To use this test statistic for
cluster-based permutation inference, you need a threshold based on some
reference distribution (which can be parametric, but must not be). 


To get this statfun_depsamplesrankcorr running, you will probably have to
take a look in the Fieldtrip code to see how the statistics framework is




Eric Maris



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Dear Fieldtripers,

Could anyone explain me what is being calculated with the
statfun_depsamplesregrT function, please.

David Groppe (thank you David) suggested in a previous thread on the list
that I might calculate permutation test based on rank correlation to
account for monotonic relationships within the permutation framework. I
was wondering if this is the kind of test that statfun_depsamplesregrT
function calculates.


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