[FieldTrip] actvsblT test statistic when running ft_freqstatistics

yoni.levy at inserm.fr yoni.levy at inserm.fr
Wed Mar 28 00:40:25 CEST 2012

I am running the ft_freqstatistics using the actvsblT option, so as to  
statistically test activation period with baseline activity. For this,  
I followed the "Within trial experiments" tutorial in fieldtrip  
The tutorial emphasizes that one should select equal length time  
windows. However, the number of trials in both conditions (activation  
and baseline) remains unequal. Therefore, when I run ft_freqstatistics  
with the design mentioned in the tutorial (inserting only the number  
of trials of the activation condition), I receive the following error  
"the number of observations in the design does not match the number of  
observations in the data"

Is there an error in the turorial, or is the script intended to create  
two frequency output-files, with different total number of trials.

Thanks in advance,

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