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Jeremie MATTOUT jeremiemattout at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 14 21:22:55 CET 2012

Two years Post-doctoral position available
Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, Brain Dynamics and Cognition Team, Lyon,

Applications are invited for a Post-doctoral position at the Brain Dynamics and
Cognition Team, in the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, in France. The focus
of the position is on the investigation of the electrophysiological markers of attention,
vigilance and conscious perception, in healthy subjects and non-communicating
and non-responsive patients.
The post-doctoral fellow will be part of a three years multi-partner
project. Within the laboratory, she/he will be incorporated in a team of
researchers, engineers, post-doctoral and doctoral fellows who work on various research
and clinical applications of human electrophysiology. Techniques range from
EEG, MEG to SEEG (in collaboration with the Neurological Hospital on site).
In interaction with the team members, the post-doctoral fellow will be in
charge of designing and performing new experiments to test hypothesis about the
functional role of electrophysiological markers.
The candidates should have a PhD in Neuroimaging, Human electrophysiology,
Cognitive neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering or a related area. Experience
with high density EEG or MEG in humans is highly desirable (acquisition,
processing, statistics) as well as programming skills (Matlab).  Application from candidates with previous
experience or special interest in related fields such as research in attention,
coma or vegetative state patients, real-time electrophysiology and
brain-computer interfaces are welcome.
The Lyon Neuroscience Research Center integrates the multidisciplinary
expertise of 14 teams (about 350 researchers), including university-researchers,
clinician-researchers, technicians and engineers, doctoral and post-doctoral
fellows, making possible a synergistic approach on integrative and cognitive
neurophysiology and its related brain disorders. The neural and molecular
substrates of brain functions, from sensory and motor processes to cognition
and mind, are investigated along two entwined strategic directions: from gene
to behavior, and from bench to patient. Our aim is to bridge the gaps between
the different levels of investigation, and to reinforce a translational
research with reciprocal exchanges between basic conceptual advances and
clinical challenges. The Neuroimaging facilities include an EEG, MEG, TMS, MR and
PET scans as well as access to SEEG recordings in epileptic patients.

Please address questions or send CV, letter of application with research
interests, and two references to Jérémie Mattout (jeremie.mattout at inserm.fr). Applications will be considered until position is
filled. Starting date is negotiable.
Jérémie Mattout,
PhD   and   Dominique Morlet, PhD
Lyon Neuroscience
Research Center
Brain Dynamics and
Cognition Team
Le Vinatier
Boulevard Pinel
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