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Nathan Weisz nathanweisz at mac.com
Wed Mar 14 20:29:56 CET 2012


don't have any data at hand right now. but i can't recall that a pos-field should be there after ft_sourceinterpolate (you get your data in 3D corresponding to the dimensions of your MRI). did you actually try ft_volumenormalise? did you run into problems and if yes what does the error look like?

totally unrelated to your problem (if there is any problem), I do not think that cfg.keepfilter is a meaningful input to this function.


On 14.03.2012, at 17:28, Jason Chan wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am adapting the beamformer tutorial to my data.  When I sourceinterpolate the subtracted sourceA from sourceB data, the ‘pos’  disappears.  This seems to be important for the volume normalization and Grand Average.  I am running Fieldtrip version: 20110917.  I have placed the code below.
> Many thanks in advance.
> Jason
> Young_CombineFilter_sourceDiff_16_3={};
> for i=1:length(Young_CombineFilter_beamform_16_3);
>     cfg=[];
>     Young_CombineFilter_sourceDiff_16_3{i} =Young_CombineFilter_beamform_16_3{i}.sourceA;
>     Young_CombineFilter_sourceDiff_16_3{i}.avg.pow =(Young_CombineFilter_beamform_16_3{i}.sourceA.avg.pow - Young_CombineFilter_beamform_16_3{i}.sourceB.avg.pow)./Young_CombineFilter_beamform_16_3{i}.sourceB.avg.pow;
>     cfg            = [];
>     cfg.downsample = 2;
>     cfg.parameter  = 'avg.pow';
>     cfg.anatomy    = mri{i};
>     cfg.keepfilter='yes';
>     cfg.interpmethod='linear';
>     Young_CombineFilter_sourceDiffInt_16_3{i}=ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg,Young_CombineFilter_sourceDiff_16_3{i}, mri_young{i});
> end;
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