problems making a template grid

Andreas Wollbrink a.wollbrink at UNI-MUENSTER.DE
Wed Apr 14 10:21:10 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I encountered some problems generating a template source grid as
described in the fieldtrip example matlab script 'Create MNI-aligned
grids in individual head-space':

1. in chapter 'Make the template_grid': Without defining a template
image in the cfg structure prior to use ft_volumesegment the default
setting cfg.template = '/home/common/matlab/spm2/templates/T1.mnc' is
used. Since this file might not exist in this specific folder on a
personal computer the function fails.
After defining cfg.template I succeed in using the function.
It might be helpful for others to add this comment to the example script.

2. My question at this point is: Should one use the individual template
'single_subj_T1.mnc' or the average template 'T1.mnc' to segment the
template brain and construct a volume conduction model?

3. Furtheron the function 'prepare_dipole_grid' could not be found. This
functions is placed in the private folder under fieldtrip. How can I
automatically add this folder to my matlab path?




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