Ultra-low Frequency Band-Limited Power

Allen Ardestani aardesta at UCLA.EDU
Wed Apr 14 02:16:37 CEST 2010

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have advice for examining - across trial time - power
modulations in very slow frequency ranges?

I am interested in isolating the slow (~0.1Hz) oscillatory activity of BOLD
signal and have been experimenting with different methods.  The data are
acquired at 30Hz using NIRS and I'd like to take advantage of our high
temporal resolution to dissociate the signal of interest from vascular and
other physiological artifacts in the frequency domain.  My main limitation
is that the data are acquired during relatively short trials of 57s length,
so I have encountered difficulties in trying to extract power modulation in
the 0.05Hz-0.15Hz range.  So far, I have tried wavelet decomposition and
bandpass filtering as different approaches but each introduces its own
artifacts.  I have not yet tried multi-taper methods since I am not as
familiar with those.  Any advice would be much appreciated!




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