trialdef with bdf files

Erin Oakman elo221 at MED.NYU.EDU
Wed Mar 19 21:19:36 CET 2008


It looks like fieldtrip supports Biosemi .bdf files, as well as .cnt files.

Why do I get an error when calling "trialdef" for a .bdf file, but no error if i
use "trialdef" for a .cnt file ?

I'm using the latest version of fieldtrip. Here is the error---

Warning: Out of range value or NaN computed in integer arithmetic.
> In fieldtrip-20080318\private\read_event at 400
  In read_fcdc_event at 51
  In fieldtrip-20080318\private\trialfun_general at 59
  In definetrial at 183
??? Error using ==> definetrial at 193
no trials were defined, see DEFINETRIAL for help

i know this is gotta be something easy, and i'm new at it.


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