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Mon May 28 19:20:03 CEST 2007

Hi, FieldTrip experts,

     I met a problem on value of triggers. I don't know if you have similar experience. The steps I used were correct but some values missed. i.e., I set triggers with 1,2,3,5 values but only 5 can be found.
   The data collected from latest NeuroMag 306 Vectorview system. The script was wrote in E-Prime. The command I used in FieldTrip as followed:

     [event(find(strcmp('STI101', {event.type}))).value]

     The number and sample of triggers whose value is 5 are correct. But triggers whose value is 1, 2 or 3 are miss. No trigger value in other channel like STI201 and STI301.

     I have no idea where the key is to the problem. I don't think that FieldTrip cannot read triggers whose value is less than 5. Is that any tricks needed on E-Prime? Or anythng need to be noticed during data collection?

     Thaks in advance.


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