sourceanalysis.m on EEG data

Brian Roach Brian.Roach at YALE.EDU
Mon Feb 12 22:32:18 CET 2007

Where can I find these functions listed below?

% the prepare_bemmodel function is available upon request
% the dipoli stand-alone executable is available upon request

At 03:10 PM 2/12/2007, Robert Oostenveld wrote:
>Hi Brian
>On 12 Feb 2007, at 18:17, Brian Roach wrote:
>>Sorry, I am a beginner in the source localization realm.  I am
>>still wondering what software to use with EEG data - we have a
>>polhemus system, which creates a .hdm file - but is that the same
>>type referred to in the tutorial below?
>I am pretty sure that the hdm file from your Polhemus software is NOT
>the same as the hdm file generated by our CTF software.
>>Also, do this software:
>>interact with fieldTrip at all?
>No, the two toolboxes do not share code. BrainStorm is probably
>better suited for making EEG head models (at the Donders we mainly
>use our MEG system if we plan to do source reconstruction). I suspect
>that it would not be very difficult to use a headmodel generated
>using BrainStorm in FT, but it will also not be trivial.
>>Have any FieldTrip users had any experience with it?  If not, where
>>can I download the MRIviewer software mentioned in the tutorial (in
>>the link below).
>MRIviewer is a CTF/MEG specific software (it comes with the CTF
>software) and cannot be used for construction EEG head models.
>Instead have a look at
>best regards

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