sourceanalysis.m on EEG data

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Mon Feb 12 21:10:59 CET 2007

Hi Brian

On 12 Feb 2007, at 18:17, Brian Roach wrote:
> Sorry, I am a beginner in the source localization realm.  I am
> still wondering what software to use with EEG data - we have a
> polhemus system, which creates a .hdm file - but is that the same
> type referred to in the tutorial below?

I am pretty sure that the hdm file from your Polhemus software is NOT
the same as the hdm file generated by our CTF software.

> Also, do this software:
> interact with fieldTrip at all?

No, the two toolboxes do not share code. BrainStorm is probably
better suited for making EEG head models (at the Donders we mainly
use our MEG system if we plan to do source reconstruction). I suspect
that it would not be very difficult to use a headmodel generated
using BrainStorm in FT, but it will also not be trivial.

> Have any FieldTrip users had any experience with it?  If not, where
> can I download the MRIviewer software mentioned in the tutorial (in
> the link below).

MRIviewer is a CTF/MEG specific software (it comes with the CTF
software) and cannot be used for construction EEG head models.
Instead have a look at

best regards

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