[FieldTrip] a question about EEG layout

masoud masoudheshmatibnd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 16:37:37 CET 2022

Hello, I am currently using the fieldtrip matlab toolbox for preprocessing
an EEG dataset,  and I have a problem while making a layout. I used two
methods for making the layout.
1- I used a picture with markers for each electrode and I specified the
outline and mask with ft-prepare-layout. but when I wanted to use the
layout it simply said as an error:(mat file does not contain a layout).
2- I use an standard template that has more channel number than my dataset,
so i used the desired electrode to make a structure with label, pos, width
and height but still when I used ft-prepare-layout, I got the same error as
the first method
would you mind please helping me with this problem?
thank you so much for your attention and your amazing toolbox
sincerely, Masoud
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