[FieldTrip] Question using fieldtrip on a HPC cluster

April Luo cdluo at ucdavis.edu
Sat Feb 12 01:03:25 CET 2022


I'm trying to run fieldtrip package on sEEG data on a HPC cluster, but when
I was running ft_preprocessing function, it gave an error for ft_preamble
init, saying 'Could not run %s - does not seem to exist, full_cmd,' I
checked further and it seems like it's looking for ft_preamble_init.m file,
I checked to make sure it's under /utilities/private, but it still gave
this error. Running on a local matlab works. but I wanted to run on a HPC
cluster because of the large datafile. Could you help me solve this issue?
Thank you so much!

My matlab version on both my local computer and HPC cluster is 2021a and my
fieldtrip version is 20210501.

April Luo
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