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Hi Giuseppe,

At first sight it looks as if something is not going right with the specified rotation of the electrode positions. Have you tried to set a breakpoint in the code and go through it step by step to see what is happening in detail? This should give you some more clues about what is not going entirely right. It’s hard from a distance to diagnose this.

If you have difficulties in diagnosing it yourself, you may want to share some relevant data with us (at minimum your data.elec) so that an adventurous colleague - who is reading along - can have a go at it.

Best wishes,

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Dear Fieldtrip experts,

I have a problem with the EEG layout, which appears to be rotated by 90 degrees.

I import data from EEGlab (power spectra), and run the stats in fieldtrip (ft_freqstatistics).
I have my own layout with 118 electrodes, which I created with ft_prepare_layout.

While calling ft_clusterplot or ft_topoplotER, Matlab sends the following warning:

the input is freq data with 118 channels, 4 frequencybins and no timebins
creating layout from data.elec
creating layout for ext1020 system
Warning: use cfg.rotate to specify the correct rotation of the sensors
 In ft_prepare_layout>sens2lay at line 1300
In ft_prepare_layout at line 596
In ft_clusterplot at line 123

The resulting topoplot is indeed tilted (see picture attached).

I tried to add cfg.rotate = -90 and run again ft_prepare_layout, but the problem was unsolved.

Could you please help to solve this issue?
In case I have to modify the layout with ft_prepare_layout,could you please give me a sample code to fix that?

Thank you very much,
Giuseppe Zito

Dr. Giuseppe Angelo Zito
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