[FieldTrip] Regarding analysis of MEG data

Shubhangi Saini shubhangisaini121 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 18:58:12 CEST 2022

This is my code
cfg = [];
cfg.dataset = 'C:\Users\hp\Documents\MATLAB\subject_1\MEG_data\4';
data_meg = ft_preprocessing(cfg,MEG_data);
for trialsel=1:10
chansel = 1; % this is the STIM channel that contains the trigger
plot(data_meg.time{trialsel}, data_meg.trial{trialsel}(chansel, :))
xlabel('time (s)')
ylabel('channel amplitude (a.u.)')
title(sprintf('trial %d', trialsel));

And I am getting the following error please someone help me out.
Error using ft_read_header
unsupported header format "unknown"

Error in ft_preprocessing (line 404)
  hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, headeropt{:});
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