[FieldTrip] problem using superlet for time frequency analysis

philip Joadavi p.joadavi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 18:44:05 CEST 2022

Dear fieldtrip community,

I would like to use 'superlet' method defined in ft_freqanalysis.

However, I'm getting an error for 'foi' parameter.
In the description, it says that I can use frequency band of interest
(foilim) instead of frequency of interest (foi), however, if I look at the
implementation, it is only implemented for using 'foi'. (is that correct?)

here is how I defined my parameters:

cfg.channel               = 'EEG'

cfg.output                  = 'pow'

cfg.pad'                     = 'nextpow2'

cfg.method                = 'superlet'

cfg.foilim                    = [3 90]

cfg.avgoverfreq         = 'no'

cfg.keepcycles          = 'no'

cfg.keeptrials             = 'yes'

cfg.superlet.order      = 10;

cfg.superlet.combine = 'additive';

Could you please help me with using this approach and if I can use 'foilim'
as an option for my analysis using 'superlet' method?


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