[FieldTrip] Dynamic ROI for cluster-based permutation statistics

Cihan Dogan CDogan1994 at hotmail.co.uk
Wed May 19 13:04:38 CEST 2021

Dear FT,

Currently I have an experiment setup to run a cluster-based permutation tests on time-frequency data regressing against some behavioural variables using the ft_statfun_indepsampleregrT function.

I have a prior precedent for using a particular ROI which I have defined in cfg.neighbours, however, I wish to change this ROI dynamically through time. So essentially for each timestep get the set of neighbours and use this to cluster at that point in time rather than apply a static ROI for the entire duration.

I was wondering if in FieldTrip it is possible to apply a dynamic region of interest through time? And if not, how much of a job it would be to make this addition myself.

I've started to look at some of the underlying code such as clusterstat.m and findcluster.m to make this addition /amendment and was wondering if anyone in the community has made such a change.

Many thanks,
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