[FieldTrip] Using ft_crossfrequencyanalysis

Vivekananda, Umesh u.vivekananda at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 16 17:38:01 CEST 2021

Dear team

I have used this function in the past successfully when considering within channel analysis. However when I used the function again but across channels like so

cfg.method      = 'plv';

cfg.keeptrials  = keepTrials;

cfg.chanlow     = cueHPCPower.label;

cfg.chanhigh    = cuePFCPower.label;

cfg.freqlow     = phaseBand;

cfg.freqhigh    = ampBand;

CFC             = ft_crossfrequencyanalysis(cfg,cueHPCPower,cuePFCPower);

‚ÄčI got an error stating cfg.chanlow and cfg.chanhigh were forbidden variables. I had derived a fourier spectrum for HPC and PFC channel separately in order to compute individual channel CFC before averaging. Any help would be much appreciated



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