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Dear all,


We are happy to announce the upcoming Organization for Human Brain Mapping
(OHBM) Brainhack 2021 happening June 16-18 around the clock around the
world! Join the party by registering here
tings&action=startRegistration&conferenceID=136&reginit=1&pageID=4073>  ($25
fee, or optional fee waiver; check out some project proposals here
<https://ohbm.github.io/hackathon2021/hacktrack/> ).


We are also looking for volunteers to help spread the word and facilitate
Brainhack activities. We'd like to recruit around 100 volunteers-so any
contribution is more than welcome, no prerequisites needed! Volunteer by
filling out this form <https://tinyurl.com/BH2021volunteer>  (more
information about volunteer roles here
2LG8/edit> ).


About Brainhack:

Brainhacks <https://brainhack.org/>  (including OHBM Brainhack
<https://ohbm.github.io/hackathon2021/> ) are events promoting
interdisciplinary neuroscience research; they bring researchers together
from a variety of subfields (e.g., neurobiology, psychology, computer
science, etc.) and research backgrounds (e.g., medical student, industry
professional, RA, etc.) to collaborate on projects and ideas and teach open
science-oriented technical skills. The focus on intensive community- and
skill-building opens doors to a number of professional opportunities (learn
more about these benefits here
<https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0896627321002312> ).
Brainhacks are not your typical hackathon-they are actively inclusive rather
than competitive. To that end, even if you have never attended a hackathon
before or written a line of code, you are welcome! No need to work with
neuroimaging methods or be part of OHBM to attend. All you need is to come
along and share your ideas, expertise, contributions with whatever pace and
form you can make it happen while having a chance to collaborate and meet
with many other researchers all around the world!  


We particularly welcome the contributions of groups traditionally
underrepresented in neuroscience, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+,
individuals with disabilities, and more. Brainhacks are safe spaces, with a
policy of zero tolerance for harassment. OHBM Brainhack 2021 is intended for
everyone to feel safe, learn from each other and share knowledge. Our event
would be enriched by your involvement and contributions. To support our
mission, please share this widely-we'd especially love your help translating
and sharing this message in your local language to reach as many people
around the world as we can! Events will take place across two main time
slots to support as many time zones as possible.


About us:

We are the Open Science Special Interest Group (OSSIG) within the
Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) society, which hosts a yearly
conference on mapping the brain with neuroimaging. The OSSIG is dedicated to
promoting Open Science in this community and neuroscience more broadly.


Please contact ohbmopenscience at gmail.com <mailto:ohbmopenscience at gmail.com>
if you have any questions.


Thank you!

All the best,


Matteo and Tibor


On the behalf of the OHBM Open Science SIG


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