[FieldTrip] Spike time cross correlation analysis

Dymphie Gertmar Suchanek dymphie.suchanek at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 18 01:59:21 CET 2021


I'm new at using FieldTrip and I would like to implement the 
cross-correlation analysis between spike trains and in particular the 
shift predictor ability. I have tried to program this myself but I'm 
unsure if it is correct and thus I would like to use your functions to 
check my own programing.

I start out by reading through your 'Preprocessing and analysis of spike 
train data' page and I'm starting with reading the spike data into 
Matlab using ft_read_spike. My data are the results of the spike sorter 
WaveClus and by placing each spike sorted channel result (aka a *.mat 
file) into the mentioned function I obtain a similar result as described 
for the *.nex data format. My first question is as follows, since each 
of my 32 channels has it's own *.mat spike times file, how can I get all 
32 channels into my 'spike' variable for further analysis?

Next, I need to make my trials of which I have 200. I need to implement 
ft_read_event first however my data only consists of the event triggers 
as times in seconds, how do I best construct an event structure 
containing the 6 required fields? At the moment I assume I only have the 
timestamp data.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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