[FieldTrip] original standard 10-20 channel Positions

sima azizi azizi.sima.67 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 01:36:28 CET 2020

Dear Fieldtrip members,

I am a PhD candidate at MST in Electrical engineering.I have recently been
using fieldtrip to do the source reconstruction.

The EEG data set that I am working with, is recorded using the original
standard 10-20  montage with 19 channels. In terms of finding the channel
positions for the forward problem, I use the template "standard_1020.elec"
which has the 97 channels.

I know my question is trivial, but instead of extended version of standard
10-20 montage, I need original one which has the 19 channels. Is there a
template for the original one or do I need to remove the extra channels? If
I need to remove the channels, how should I do that?

Best regards,
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