[FieldTrip] Absolute wPLI-values vary depending on trial length

daniel.strahnen at uni-ulm.de daniel.strahnen at uni-ulm.de
Thu Oct 24 18:25:37 CEST 2019

Dear FieldTrip-Community,


For the analysis of a continuous recording I used the function
ft_redefinetrial to cut the data into chunks.

However, I was experiment with different trial length and their impact on
the wPLI.

Doing this I discovered that the absolute values of the wPLI spectrum
plummet significantly with a shorter trial length, although the

characteristics and the form of the spectrum stay the same.


My question therefore is if there is a reasonable explanation for this
phenomenon and what might be considered the optimal trial length? The
sampling rate is 1 kHz.


Thank you very much and best regards



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