[FieldTrip] oscillations in the intracranial vs. EEG/MEG

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Hi Daniel,

There are also empirical arguments for agreement in rhythm properties
between the recording modalities. For instance, compare the sensorimotor
alpha and beta dynamics shown in Figure 3C and D of this MEG study
<https://www.jneurosci.org/content/34/44/14783.long>with the dynamics shown
in Figure 2E of the related ECoG study
The temporal dynamics are highly consistent across the two modalities,
though the ECoG recordings obviously allowed for a preciser anatomical

Hope this helps, best of luck with the revisions,

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> From a signal processing point of view, there are both signals....
> Christos
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> Dear list,
> My question is not directly fieldtrip related, but I think that this might
> be a relevant forum:
> I was told by a paper reviewer that the literature treat oscillations in
> the intracranial (e.g., human ECoG) vs. EEG/MEG data differently.
> Consequently, discussing the literature of the EEG in the context of the
> intracranial results is not too relevant.  I would say that the two main
> differences between two types of data: a) low sensitivity to high
> frequencies in the EEG/MEG; b) low spatial specificity in the EEG/MEG. But
> apart from that,  why these two types of data are or should be treated
> differently? If someone has relevant references on this theme, I will
> appreciate.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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