[FieldTrip] Template 3D electrode set for Brain Products' acticap 64ch standard

Carolina Ogawa carolyogawa at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 23:12:03 CEST 2019

Dear community,

I am trying to use the function "ft_channelrepair", but I can't figure out
how to configure the EEG electrodes position.

The EEG cap I used is the "Acticap 64ch standard".

I suppose it would work like this:

cfg.elec                 = ft_read_sens(filename);

data_after_interpolation = ft_channelrepair(cfg, data_before_interpolation);

in which "filename" = template 3D electrode set available on <
There is no template available for the "Acticap 64ch standard" on the
mentioned website, though.

Then, I thought it would be valid editing the "easycap-M1.txt" template
(which is available), and transforming it into the "Acticap 64ch standard",
which apparently would involve deleting 8 channels and renaming two, as
described on <

However, I don't know how can I do this and I'm not sure if this would be
the proper way to solve this.

Can someone please tell me:
1. If this solution would be valid or if there is any other way to solve
2. In case it is valid, do I have do I have to download the
"easycap-M1.txt" file, convert it into a ".m" file and then edit it?

Thank you in advance!

Carolina Ogawa
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