[FieldTrip] Cluster-based permutation test with individual frequency bands

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Dear Sebastian,

Fieldtrip only compares apples with apples, oranges with oranges, same-named electrodes with one another, and indeed also same frequency bins (and time points).

In your case your well-motivated intention is to ask Fieldtrip to compare alpha band in sub-001 with alpha band in sub-002 etc. This is perfectly fine, but would require you to fool around a bit with the subject-specific data structures. I’d extract per subject the alpha frequency specific data, resulting in a data structure with just a single frequency bin (and possibly multiple time bins). Next, you’d need to replace the individual data structures’ ‘freq’-bin with a value that is common across subjects, say 10. Then, it should be business as usual.

Best wishes,

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Dear FieldTrip community,

Is it possible to run cluster-based permutation tests (ft_freqstatistics) with individual frequency bands?

I have an EEG experiment in which I want to compare alpha ERD/ERS between two conditions. I also have resting state recordings of the participants from which I extracted the peak alpha frequency to calculate individual frequency band ranges for each participant (like suggested by Klimesch and practiced in many papers).

How would I only include those frequencies that fall into each participant’s alpha band? As far as I understand it, the cfg.frequency argument of ft_freqstatistics only allows the specification of a fixed band.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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