[FieldTrip] problems using fieldtrip for source reconstruction EEG

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Fri Jan 4 14:08:35 CET 2019

Hi Irene,

what is the reason to use the extra checkdata step?
The function checks if the input data has the correct „datatype“ field.
Since you probably don’t have that field, the function will throw an error.

Also, I’d recommend using the eeglab2fieldtrip-function to get from EEGlab .set to a fieldtrip-like structure.



> Am 04.01.2019 um 12:47 schrieb Irene Varela Leniz <irene.varela at alumni.mondragon.edu>:
> Hi, 
> I am a researcher in Mondragon University working on source reconstruction of EEG data. I am new at fieldtrip and I feel a little bit lost about this software. I have some errors in a code I have developed but I do not manage to solve them. Could you please help me?
> I want to plot EEG data of a channel called 'A1' which is the first row in a 2D matrix variable called data, which is inside EEG structure. The code I have developed is below and I get the following error: 
> Error using ft_checkdata (line 525)
> This function requires 'timelock' or 'freq' data as input, see ft_datatype_timelock or ft_datatype_freq.
> The code is the following:
> clc; clear all; close all;
> clear variables
> restoredefaultpath;  % set a clean path
> main='E:\';
> cd='E:\fieldtrip-20181217'; % change this
> addpath(cd);
> ft_defaults;
> filename = "E:\PBLdata\O200_RS1_final.set"; %cambiar aqui y poner vuestro directorio
> load(filename, '-mat'); %Create EEG struct
> location = EEG.chanlocs;
> data = EEG.data; 
> cfg = [];
> cfg.xlim = [-0.2 1.0];
> cfg.ylim = [-1e-13 3e-13];
> cfg.channel = 'A1';
> datos = data(1,:);
> Ndata = numel(datos);
> for i=1:Ndata
>   % check if the input data is valid for this function
>   datos(i) = ft_checkdata(datos(i), 'datatype', {'timelock', 'freq'});
> end
> figure; ft_singleplotER(cfg,datos);
> Thank you in advance,
> Irene
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