[FieldTrip] problems using fieldtrip for source reconstruction EEG

Irene Varela Leniz irene.varela at alumni.mondragon.edu
Fri Jan 4 12:47:06 CET 2019


I am a researcher in Mondragon University working on source reconstruction
of EEG data. I am new at fieldtrip and I feel a little bit lost about this
software. I have some errors in a code I have developed but I do not manage
to solve them. Could you please help me?

I want to plot EEG data of a channel called 'A1' which is the first row in
a 2D matrix variable called data, which is inside EEG structure. The code I
have developed is below and I get the following error:

*Error using ft_checkdata (line 525)*
*This function requires 'timelock' or 'freq' data as input, see
ft_datatype_timelock or ft_datatype_freq.*

The code is the following:
*clc; clear all; close all;*
*clear variables*
*restoredefaultpath;  % set a clean path*
*cd='E:\fieldtrip-20181217'; % change this*

*filename = "E:\PBLdata\O200_RS1_final.set"; %cambiar aqui y poner vuestro
*load(filename, '-mat'); %Create EEG struct*
*location = EEG.chanlocs;*
*data = EEG.data; *

*cfg = [];*
*cfg.xlim = [-0.2 1.0];*
*cfg.ylim = [-1e-13 3e-13];*
*cfg.channel = 'A1';*
*datos = data(1,:);*
*Ndata = numel(datos);*
*for i=1:Ndata*
*  % check if the input data is valid for this function*
*  datos(i) = ft_checkdata(datos(i), 'datatype', {'timelock', 'freq'});*

*figure; ft_singleplotER(cfg,datos);*

Thank you in advance,

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