[FieldTrip] Markers display with topoplots

Emilie Caspar ecaspar at ulb.ac.be
Fri Dec 20 19:06:52 CET 2019

Dear Community, 

I rerun a script that I run 2 years ago to capture my topoplots in a better rendering. Visually, the markers are not positioned similarly anymore (on the attached picture, you will see on the left the old version and on the right the new version). The layout has not changed, the script has not changed, the data are of course the same, so I am confused about what would be the cause of this modification. Has the function changed in the meantime?

Here is the script to ask the topoplot display :
cfg = [];
  cfg.baseline = [-3 0];
  cfg.baselinetype = 'absolute';
cfg.zlim = [-1 1];
cfg.xlim = [0 3];
cfg.layout      = 'biosemi64.lay';
cfg.gridscale = 600;
cfg.marker = 'on';
set(gca, 'color', 'none');
cfg.colormap = colormap('jet');
cfg.ylim = [8 12];
ft_topoplotTFR(cfg, GAall_TrainingRight);

Thank you very much for the help!


Emilie Caspar, Ph.D
CO3, Centre de Recherche Cognition et Neurosciences (CRCN), ULB 
Voice : +32 2 650 32 95 
mail : ecaspar at ulb.ac.be
office: DB10-138 

Social Brain Lab, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN), KNAW
mail : e.caspar at nin.knaw.nl

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