[FieldTrip] Spike artifacts in EEG, 7-12Hz

anne Hauswald anne.hauswald at me.com
Thu Nov 29 09:26:20 CET 2018

Dear Matthias, 

I don’t know where your artifacts come from, but I have some suggestions that might help you getting close to the source.
- is it transient or do you find it throughout the whole recording?
- do you find it in more than one recording?
- does your choice of reference or filtering influence it?

Not sure it will lead to something, but at least you will have a better understanding of this artifact.

Best Anne

> Am 28.11.2018 um 15:15 schrieb Matthias Möller <MatthiasCMoeller at gmx.de>:
> Dear all, 
> my name is Matthias and I am relatively new to the field of EEG analysis. I'm currently carrying out a study on the effects of natural sounds on the quantitative EEG in patients with Parkinson's disease at the universities of Vanvouver and Marburg. 
> Right now I'm experiencing these weird artifacts as seen in the screenshot. It's sharp spikes, looking similar to ECG artifacts, but in frequencies of 7-12Hz. 
> They are also showing up in the independent components after ICA as well. 
> The recording was done at a sampling rate of 500 Hz, I've applied a Band-Pass filter from 1-249Hz and two notch filters, 60 and 120 Hz (recording took place in Canada). 
> Has anyone seem similar artifacts before and maybe even knows how to get rid of them?
> Many thanks in advance and all the best,
> Matthias
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